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I have a application that will capture the screen and I want to write the captured information to an array, this takes AGES as the array ends up being +2million values. I am iterating and adding the values to the array, is there any way quicker (eg binary operations)? Should it be this slow? Why is it?

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Assuming your GetPixel'ing the screen pixel by pixel, its the GetPixel call that's slow (it interrogates the display driver) not the (pre-dimensioned) array assignment.

You can instead use the getdibits() api which will copy the DC's colour info into a buffer in a single call.

Here is a C++ example, but the methodology & call sequence is the same as for VB.

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Figured out why it was so slow, it was because I was using ReDim on every iteration of the loop - thanks for the help anyways


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