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I'm trying to compile a fairly basic program under Linux and I'm having trouble with ld86. Anyone have an idea as to what auto_start is?

$ bcc  -c tc.c
$ as86 -o ts.o ts.s
$ ld86 -d ts.o tc.o /usr/lib/bcc/libc.a
ld86: warning: _gets redefined in file /usr/lib/bcc/libc.a(gets.o); using definition in tc.o
undefined symbol: auto_start

UPDATE 3/12/2012: Seems to go away when I define my own printf()...

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Huzzah! I have found it.

When calling main() in main.c I was using parameters like this

int main(int i, char **c)

However, if I use no parameters... it goes away

int main()

Must be because I do not pass anything into main from assembly. Also printf() has nothing to do with it, must have been playing with too many things at once.

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