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Thanks in advance. In my project am using paging and scrolling. but when i scrolling one page to another page we can able to scroll in horizontal, vertical and diagonally but i want to scroll only in horizontal direction only. Any one can suggest me.

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UIScrollView *scrollView = [[UIScrollView alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(10, 190, 300, 190)]; scrollView.contentSize=CGSizeMake(300,350); //it will scroll to only in vertical direction –  Pravi Jay Mar 13 '12 at 7:17

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It will scroll vertically if you have its content size height set to more than actual height of scrollview height..

To remove vertical scrolling do this.

scrollview.contentSize = CGSizeMake(YourWidth,scrollview.frame.size.height);

you can also set

scrollview.bounces = NO ;

to remvoe Bouncing.

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Set the contentSize of UIScrollView such that the width of the contenSize is always equal to the width of the UIScrollView. Just vary the height of contentSize.

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Goto to Xib->Select the Scrollview and Disable the Vertical Scrolling property in Xib file

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Disable vertical scrolling and set proper height (max is the height of the scrollview) for subviews in all the pages...

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