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I would like to keep track of the number of active subscriptions to my IObservable ? I thought I could implement this by incrementing / decrementing a counter whenever "someone" calls Subscribe / Dispose.

How can I do that ? Or is there a better way of doing it ?

It seems to be done by RefCount internally but the subscriptions counter is not exposed.


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The easiest way to do this is by wrapping your Observable in Observable.Create:

IObservable<string> myObs;

var returnObservable = Observable.Create<string>(subj => {

    // TODO: Write code to do stuff on Sub

    var disp = myObs.Subscribe(subj);

    return Disposable.Create(() => {

        // TODO: Write code to do stuff in unsub.
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Don't forget to use lock or InterLocked to ensure thread safety in the "TODO" sections. –  Enigmativity Mar 13 '12 at 7:26

Thanks that was what I needed. This can be turned into an operator as follows:

public static IObservable<TSource> OnSubscribe<TSource>(this IObservable<TSource> source, Action onSubscribe, Action onDispose)
        return Observable.Create<TSource>(observer =>
                                var subscription = source.Subscribe(observer);
                                return () =>
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