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I tried to search to find a solution. but, I can't.

I installed gitolite. And it works well.
I can git clone on the local machine, and change gitolite-admin repo too.

But I want to use gitolite hooking. followed this manual


custom hooks

You can supply your own, custom, hook scripts if you wish. Install gitolite as usual, then:

go to ~/.gitolite/hooks/common on the server and put your new hook there now run "gl-setup" again You can use this procedure to install new hooks as well as to update hooks that you had previously installed.

So I tried to hook some basic shell script.

I put bash shell script on


and named it


update script file's owner is git, and excutable. the shell script is like this..

touch /tmp/$GL_REPO

and I execute

gl-setup mypubkey.pub

and then, On my local git folder, I modified some file, commit and push to gitolite server. push works well. every file uploaded to the gitolite's repo. but, hooking doesn't seems to occur. Nothing happened.

on the server's tmp directory, no file is created.

Did I forget something?

any comments plz...

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You should realize that (from the "using hooks" page you mention in your question=:

The update hook is used in all repos and is critical to gitolite's access control

In other words, you cannot directly use an "update" script.
You must use the "hook chaining" feature of gitolite, in order to call your own update hook after the one of gitolite:

To run your own 'update' hook, just put it in a file called update.secondary and install it as a hook.
Gitolite's update hook will automatically chain to it, taking care to pass it the same 3 arguments the original update hook received from git.

In the end, the OP Jinbom Heo, rather than using "gitolite hook chaining", went with another hook:

I put post-receive file in /var/gitolite/hooks/common/ folder. And it works.

The doc "Where do I put my hooks" suggest rather to put those under the "user" location (~/.gitolite/hooks/common):

hook place

But the system location works too.

( /var/gitolite/hooks/common/ means, by the way, the OP chose the root method installation or the package one, with the default paths /usr/local/bin, /var/gitolite/conf, /var/gitolite/hooks)

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thank you VonC always. ^^; You give me a decisive hint. I put post-receive file in /var/gitolite/hooks/common/ folder. and it works. thank you. –  Jinbom Heo Mar 14 '12 at 1:13
@JinbomHeo Excellent. I have included your solution in the answer for more visibility, and have added a reference to the relevant documentation, for others to see. –  VonC Mar 14 '12 at 6:49

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