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In one View Controller ViewController1, I have tried to open a You tube video embedded in a UIWebview. It opens in the Movie Player window and then I use the "Done" button to come out of the movie player window. Again in another view controller ViewController2 in the same application, I open a MPMoviePlayerController(MPMoviePlayerController *audioplayer) to play an audio file using streaming. However, it remains in the paused state on opening the player. Even when i call the method [audioplayer play], the application automatically sets back the playback state to paused (i rechecked and it is not done through my code).

But if i reopen the application and in view controller ViewController2 i play the audio alone, then MPMoviePlayerController *audioplayer plays successfully.

Any idea what i might be doing wrong ?

This issue was found to be specific only to ios4.0. This issue doesnt occur in ios4.1 and above.

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Since that's a relatively old version of iOS, and since all users of iOS 4.0 can upgrade to 4.2, would it be possible for you to require 4.2+? –  Jess Bowers Mar 13 '12 at 16:49
Thanks Jess, yes the issue doesnt occur in devices with ios4.1+, but I was hoping to fix it for ios4.0 if it is possible. :) –  TestDev Mar 14 '12 at 5:01
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