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What is the correct Play! way to tack on a query string such as ?a=x&b=y to a render template call such as this:


Also, I'd also like to maintain this query string through the subsequent form post as well (the following code snippet's crude attempt does not compile):

#{form @Login.login() + request.querystring, method:'post'} 

I could probably work out some kludgey solution passing the original querystring explicitly as a parameter and then storing it perhaps in a hidden form field, but knowing Play! I'm sure there's something more elegant... could someone tell me what it is?

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To do this, I think you need to change the way to code your form...

Just try:

    action = play.mvc.Router.reverse("Login.login");
    for (String key : params.all() ) {
        if (!"body".equals(key) && !"controller".equals(key) && !"action".equals(key)) {
            action = action.add(key, params.get(key)[0]);
#{form action, method:'post'}
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Play! is stateless, so you either have to repass the params:

#{a @login().add('a', _caller.params.a).add('b', _caller.params.b)}login#{/a}

Or keep the params inside Play's Cache:

Cache.set(session.getId(), params.get("a"), "5mn");
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