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How can I get the total size of various files in various location in a SVN server.

I have around 100 file names like "https:\\na\grade1\test\images\img1.png" "https:\\na\grade2\main.html" "https:\\IND\grade3\main.html"...

From the following code I can get the file size individually,

svn list -v file_name

But, what I want is to get total files size... Is it possible...? Is any SVN command is available?

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svn ls help

List each TARGET file and the contents of each TARGET directory as they exist in the repository.

You can have multiply unrelated targets as ls parameters

>svn ls --verbose
     23 lazybadg           75 июл 17  2010 Hello.txt
     24 lazybadg           76 июл 17  2010 Hello.en.txt
     33 lazybadg           82 фев 28 16:10 Hello.en.txt
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Its working .... Thanks..... – Madhan Mar 13 '12 at 13:22

Try with following code:

svn list --verbose --recursive http://svn/repo/path
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The above comment will get the size of particular path. But I have the files in different paths. How can I retrieve the size of all listed files. I mean that shall we pass multiple file names as arguments to svn list command – Madhan Mar 13 '12 at 7:41

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