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I have developed a small QT project with Qt Eclipse integration on linux and i would like to make a windows executable file (.exe) for the same project using QT, So, my app could run on both systems. will my QT with Eclipse as plugin help me to generate .exe in Linux.

pls tel me what is the procedure to get .exe from Linux and what has to be installed?

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You have to cross-compile.

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Thanks for the information. Can you pls guide me which cross-compiler to be installed in linux and i also already have GCC compiler in my linux machine. Should that be replaced by GCC cross-compiler. Is GCC compiler and cross-compiler are same or we get it in different packages?? – suse Jun 9 '09 at 8:46
I am not sure as I have not done it yet. If you can give me a day or two, I will try and report back. Right now, I am at my friends' place. – Alan Haggai Alavi Jun 9 '09 at 15:09
Can i install MinWG Cross comipler on Linux or is it for only widows because i haven't found any information abt it. If its not pls do suggest me a cross compiler to be installed on Linux. – suse Jun 10 '09 at 3:49

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