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Eclipse SDK

Version: 4.1.2
Build id: M20120223-0900
Memory Analyzer  Eclipse Memory Analyzer

Hi, I have updated my eclipse to latest version, also installed Eclipse MAT plugin but when I click "dump HPROF file" it doesn't opens in in MAT rather gives me option to save the HPROF file.

Previously it automatically opens it in eclipse MAT. Please tell me how to fix this ?

I have also switched to "Memory Analysis" perspective and tried to open HPROF file but it throws me following error

Error opening heap dump 'com.game.hprof'. Check the error log for further details.
Error opening heap dump 'com.game.hprof.hprof'. Check the error log for further details.
Unknown HPROF Version (JAVA PROFILE 1.0.3) (java.io.IOException)
Unknown HPROF Version (JAVA PROFILE 1.0.3)
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try this:

in eclipse -> windows -> preference -> android --> ddms -> HPROF Action menu

choose: open in eclipse

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After trying your solution, I still get the same error.. I dont know what's going wrong? – FireAndIce Jun 6 '12 at 12:25

You can use HPROF Converter tool provided in android sdk.

The hprof-conv tool converts the HPROF file that is generated by the Android SDK tools to a standard format so you can view the file in a profiling tool of your choice.

hprof-conv <infile> <outfile>

More at HPROF Converter

After converting file opens without any Issue.

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if you are using Android Studio/Android Device Monitor, this is the tool you need to use in order to open hprof file with Memory Analyzer. Thanks @Aduait – sonique Nov 27 '15 at 1:04

In newer version of eclipse we need to set the default function for HPROF file and the default is "Save to disk". Follow the following steps to fix this :)

Window -> Preferences -> Android -> (press arrow to expand Android View) DDMS -> HPROF Action -> select "Open in Eclipse" see the image for reference

enter image description here

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