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I'm trying to port an existing C# class (a generic factory) that uses reflection, but I can't get this piece of code to compile:

Type[] types = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(TProduct)).GetTypes();
foreach (Type type in types)
    if (!typeof(TProduct).IsAssignableFrom(type) || type == typeof(TProduct))

I tried looking at the Reflection in the .NET Framework for Windows Metro Style Apps and Assembly Class, where I found an example that didn't compile because of the "using System.Security.Permissions".

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Just like the first page you linked to says, you need to use TypeInfo instead of Type. There are also other changes, for example, Assembly has a DefinedTypes property instead of GetTypes() method. The modified code could look like this:

var tProductType = typeof(TProduct).GetTypeInfo();
var types = tProductType.Assembly.DefinedTypes; // or .ExportedTypes
foreach (var type in types)
    if (!tProductType.IsAssignableFrom(type) || type == tProductType)
    { }
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