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is there any way (or plugin) to display editable combobox? I have a set of options, but I would like to give possibility to enter custom value. I've searched the documentation, and I can't find way to do this. I made workaround with javascript, but I'm looking for more elegant solution.

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The conventional solution to this is a regular text field with autocomplete - there's a ton of javascript plugins to do this, eg the jQueryUI autocomplete. I don't think you could have a combo of select and textfield without js. –  Max Williams Mar 13 '12 at 9:58

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I'm pretty sure that there simply is no HTML form element that does this, and so Rails can't provide you with a helper. As you said, you can work with JS to create something similar (and there should be JS libraries/plugins already out there), or you could just use a select element and add a text field next to it for new values.

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HTML5 specification doesn't define such an element. So you may either continue using JS, either try to use autocomplete feature of an input element (although it is not exactly what you want and doesn't compatible with old browsers).

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Ok, I was just thinking there is existing rails/formtastic plugin, which allows to do that. I found some js solutions, but can't find any which fits my requirements, so I decided to write custom solution. –  pedro Mar 13 '12 at 12:22

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