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Online, I don't have trouble! The root is the domain of the website! On localhost, my folder (where I have all my websites) is, c:\localhost.

Well, now, for each site (let say, MarkWebsite01) I do a (static) function that will be included every time I put a photo/resource/etc... and get the path from web.config, such as :

<img src="<%=MyUtilities.GiveMePath%>/images/hello.gif" />

that means :

<img src="/MarkWebsite01/images/hello.gif" />

I'm really bored to putting this every time. Is there a strategy where I can configure (on localhost) my website? So I can avoid this for each website.

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If it's IIS Express run from Visual Studio / Web Developer Express then if you click on the top folder in solution explorer and open the properties pane (right click properties, or F4), in there you should see the virtual path. It's probably set as the root folder, rather than /MarkWebsite01/.


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I think you can try the following option: 1. directly use online image, such as: http://online-domain/images/ 2. use ../ to switch folder, such as: ../images/ 3. use ~/, such as: ~/rootFolder/../images/

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