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I've been using the WCF Web Api recently and i've been using the WCF Web API Test Client that is built in to it to test my created webservices.

I am wanting to create a proxy in code built off of the interface rather than run svcutil.exe to create a proxy.

My webservice is working fine, however when I use fiddler to examine the message that is sent, it is putting in a namespace into the xml message.

Below is the code I use to send the request.

        RegisterRequest registerRequest = new RegisterRequest
                                                  Email = "",
                                                  Firstname = "firstname",
                                                  Lastname = "lastname",
                                                  Password = "password"

        var factory = new ChannelFactory<IAccountApi>(new WebHttpBinding(), "http://localhost/WebServices/api/account");
        factory.Endpoint.Behaviors.Add(new WebHttpBehavior());
        var proxy = factory.CreateChannel();

This request below is generated via the client, and it fails, returning a 500 internal server error

<RegisterRequest xmlns="" xmlns:i=""><Email></Email><Firstname>firstname</Firstname><Lastname>lastname</Lastname><Password>password</Password></RegisterRequest>

Using the same headers when I send using the api test client the following message passes


The only difference being the namespace has been removed.

Some final points,

1) If I were able to remove this namespace the request would work

2) I am not sure if ChannelFactory can be used in conjunction with WCF Web Api. The reason being states "[ServiceContract] is no longer required on the Web API class definition", yet Channel Factory requires it.

3) All the examples so far from the WCF Web API look like the following

HttpClient client = new HttpClient();

Contact contact = new Contact() { Name = name };
var response = client.Post("http://localhost:9000/api/contacts/",
    new ObjectContent<Contact>(
        contact, JsonMediaTypeFormatter.DefaultMediaType));

Should I be using HttpClient for my requests instead of channel factory?

Regards, Andrew

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It appears that the IAccountApi, which you do not show, is defining a namespace for the service contract. If you really want an empty namespace (not best practice) try something like this:

 public interface IAccountApi
 { ... }

If the namespace is not defined for IAccountApi, check the [DataContract] of RegisterRequest.

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Hi Richard, even with the namespace taken out it still puts xmlns:i=" into the request which causes issues. – Andrew Mar 15 '12 at 23:58
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I ended up using HttpClient class, it allows GET, POST, PUT and DELETE which was fine for WCF Web API (now called

as far as building a rest proxy using codegen or being dynamic see this article ReST Proxy Object Generator

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