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In Xcode's data model inspector, when a relationship is selected, there is checkbox a between labels "Arranged" and "Ordered". CoreData works with sets, so what exactly does it mean in this context?

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iOS 5 and later allows to have ordered to-many relationships. We've been using Core Data for a while and this is a much needed addition (as we have to support iOS 4, we're still stuck with adding a second number column for 'sortPosition'). Try turning it on, create a subclass and see what kind of code it generates for you. I suspect an NSArray, but haven't tried myself yet.

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It generates properties using NSOrderedSet and also generates some more helper methods to do things like insert items at specific indices - but I'm trying to figure out how to specify the sort descriptors to use when you access it by the property; If you have to make a separate fetch-request then it seems fairly pointless. –  jhabbott Jun 28 '12 at 22:30

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