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How can I make a method with two parameters using ASP.NET Web Api?

So that I can call it like localhost/controller/param1/param2

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Just change or add route in global.asax

routes.MapHttpRoute(name: "DefaultApi1", routeTemplate: "api/{controller}/{id}/{name}", Defaults: new{} );
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You can also call the url with specific params names in the querystring:


Then the controller method would be:

GetByParams(int param1, DateTime param2)
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This is the better answer. The accepted answer works, but the URL doesn't make as much sense. /id/name works out to something like this for a URL: mysite/api/DoStuff/12345/Vince. That doesn't make much sense. Like "Vince" is some item in the "12345" category. mysite/api/users/Vince makes a lot more sense or mysite/api/users?name=Vince&id=12345 –  vbullinger Aug 30 '12 at 20:12
Great Answer. Exactly what i was wanting. –  Rick james Mar 13 at 12:28

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