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i am using cocos2d,box2d and debugDraw to draw my bodies . i can see that if i put a vertical line(portrait) his x position can start of 50. if i set it to be 30 , it disappear from screen(retina mode) my PTM_RATIO is set to 32 .

i put the line with :

const int buLX=30;
 const int buLY=10;
const int topLX=buLX;
 const int topLY=380;

//left vector
    theBox.SetAsEdge(b2Vec2(buLX/PTM_RATIO,buLY/PTM_RATIO), b2Vec2(topLX/PTM_RATIO,topLY/PTM_RATIO));

the y coordinates are just fine, but the x has a margin from left AND from right, so i cant get to the screen edges because it disappear then.

any idea ? thanks alot.

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got it.

it most be a float not an integer. because then 30/32 is 0.x which is =0 .

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