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I was experimenting jMock as my mocking framework for my project. I came into a situation where I need to mock both a class and an interface. I used the ClassImposteriser.INSTANCE to initiate the impostor of the context.

Supposing a class Validator and an interface Person to mock. When I was going to mock the Interface Person, I ran to a problem NoClassFoundDefError. When I mocked the class Validator, there was no problem.

I need both that class and interface but I can't solve the problem. Please HELP.

Code Example:


private Mockery context = new JUnit4Mockery() {{ setImposteriser(ClassImposteriser.Class) }};

Class :

private Validator validator;

Interface :

private Person person;

Inside Test Method

validator = context.Mock(Validator.class); ----> Working

person = context.Mock(Person.class); ----> NoClassFoundDefError

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please add code examples to make your question clearer. Perhaps I can help you.. – jrharshath Jun 9 '09 at 4:48
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The code as you present it won't compile (it should be ClassImposteriser.INSTANCE). The example code below seems to work fine. Perhaps you could provide some more details?

public class Example {
    private Mockery context = new JUnit4Mockery() {

    public void testStuff() {
    Validator validator = context.mock(Validator.class);
    Person person = context.mock(Person.class);

    // do some stuff...

    public static interface Person {

    public static class Validator {
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