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I am pretty new to using classes in vba. I am trying to use an array as a property where the length of the array has to be variable. I was looking around for a way to do that, but I dont really understand how those properties work.

so I define my array in the class module

Private pTestArray() As String

and the properties to get and set values

Private Property Get TestArrayValue(index As Long) As String
    TestArrayValue = qTestArray(index)
End Property

Private Property Let ArrayValue(index As Long, strValue As String)
    pTestArray(index) = strValue
End Property

but I cant find a way to redim the array. any clues? Thanks C

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So you want to resize on assignment? then you can check & handle the bounds in the Let property;

Private Property Let ArrayValue(index As Long, strValue As String)
    If index > UBound(pTestArray) Then ReDim Preserve pTestArray(index)
    pTestArray(index) = strValue
End Property

You will also need to initially dimension with redim pTestArray(0) in the Class_Initialize event.

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thanks a lot Alex, that is what I was looking for –  user1266138 Mar 13 '12 at 12:46
+1 good solution, you could also look at using a collection –  Kyle Mar 14 '12 at 16:19

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