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I have a Modular Sinatra app and I'm trying to add the Bootstrap less to the application.

get '/bootstrap/application.css' do
  less :"bootstrap/bootstrap"

I have all less files in views/bootstrap, including bootstrap.less.

I get this error:

 Less::ParseError at /bootstrap/application.css 'reset.less' wasn't found.

The first real line of Bootstrap.less is:

 // CSS Reset
 @import "reset.less";

I've tried all different path formats, but it never finds the files it's looking to import. Any idea how to make this work?

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Have you tried passing the :paths config option?

get '/bootstrap/application.css' do
  less :"bootstrap/bootstrap", :paths => ["views/bootstrap"]

I've had problems with this option in the past but it may work for you.

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I actually just found the source in Sass and used it because it seemed be a little easier to setup. I think i'd probably compile for production anyway, so this was just for ease of development. Thanks! –  user577808 Mar 13 '12 at 17:35

I found a solution that worked for me here: Parsing LESS options in a Sinatra app

Since this question was the one I found first on Google, I thought I'd leave the link here so that others can find it.

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