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I need to use primafaces gmap.Also i need to add marker on the map.However i need only one marker on the map.So if selected marker needed to be changed i have to update the map.

I could not find a way for updating the map properly.I have tried this:


When i try this, map is not coming to the page.

Another thing i tried as a solution is redirecting to the page.It works actually but validations have been a problem.

Any solutions to update gmap?

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Try this

private void clearMap ( DefaultMapModel map)
    for (Marker marker : map.getMarkers()) {
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Try addind an ajax element inside the gmap tag:

<p:gmap ...>
    <p:ajax event="overlaySelect" listener="#{myBean.onMarkerSelect}" update=":form:MapId" />

Add this method to your managed bean (eg. myBean):

public void onMarkerSelect(OverlaySelectEvent event){
    Marker marker = (Marker)event.getOverlay();

Do what you want to do with the marker and the mapModel inside that method.

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Or you can use javascript google maps api to set and update the marker.

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can you help me how to use google maps api,any documentations? –  user1171708 Mar 14 '12 at 14:47
if its a google maps api you can use google to find it! –  djmj Mar 14 '12 at 16:07

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