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I am using HighStock for charts in my screen. I have different flags on my series on random points.

I have a requirement to drag and drop the flags to anywhere in the chart.

here is the fiddle of that http://jsfiddle.net/X7AHK/13.

I am able to drag the flag but when i drop the flag, i cannot see it. The flag element is still there on the place where it was dropped, if u mouseover to that place you can see the icon changing.

I guess there is problem of overlaying the element?

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Could you clarify: what are the 'flags' on the chart that can be dragged and dropped? I understand your problem and (as shown below) can tell you generally how to solve it, but I cannot reproduce it specifically and thus cannot advise how to implement a solution. (I cannot drag and move the "On Series" item, if that is your 'flag'.) –  Phrogz Mar 13 '12 at 22:02

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SVG uses a "painters model" for its rendering, which means that elements that come earlier in the source code/DOM can always be drawn over by items that appear later in the source/DOM. (This is in contrast to HTML which has the z-index property to allow re-ordering items.)

As such, if you want to move an item to the 'top', you need to re-insert the item at another point in the DOM. For example, see this demo; drag the blue and red boxes so that they overlap and then alternatingly click on each. This is accomplished by line 94 in the source code:

el.parentNode.appendChild(el); // move to top

The comment is slightly misleading, insofar as the element isn't moved to the absolute top, but rather to be drawn last of all its siblings. If you look at the source DOM, you'll see (simplified):

<svg ...>
  <g transform="scale(1.2,0.8)">
    <rect class="drag resize" ... fill="#c66"/>
    <rect class="drag resize" ... fill="#69c"/>
  <circle class="drag sizer" ... r="5"/>
  <circle class="drag sizer" ... r="5"/>

Thus, when you click on a rectangle it is reordered to be the last child in the <g>roup, rendering after the other rectangle in the group, but always rendering before the yellow circles that are drawn atop the corners.

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Thanks for your reply. Actually i have a requirement to have images on random points of the series. and then user could drag and drop the images on different points in charts. for that i was trying to use flags drag and drop solution. Can you suggest how can i achieve that functionality?? I think Highstock renders multiple rect elements on top of each other to make a flag, and when i click on a flag, the event is fired on the top most element and only that is dragged. have a look at this link . Can you pleases suggest a solution in that..?? Thanks –  butter . Mar 14 '12 at 0:47

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