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I've got an XML with a structure like the following;


How do I delete the item with the value 458. Just to clarify this, I don't know the index of that item, so simply calling delete items[index] won't do here. I have to delete by value.

Any hints?

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Using e4x filtering and the possibilities of using function inside the filter you can delete the node you want :

  • xml.item.(text()==value) will give you the node your are looking for
  • valueOf() will give you the current node you are filtering
  • delete will delete the node

so combining these infos you can do :

var xml:XML=<items>

 function deleteValue(xml:XML, value:String):void{
   xml.item.((text()==value) && (delete parent().children()[valueOf().childIndex()]));

 deleteValue(xml, "458");

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Works... But makes me want to cry. For readability I would have stuck with a for..loop –  WORMSS Mar 13 '12 at 11:55
Given that I access child components of my initial XML, my source XML for this would be an XMLList (sorry I just realised that), thus I need to convert my XMLList to XML first, which gives me some problems. –  AlBirdie Mar 13 '12 at 13:17
Nevermind, works great! –  AlBirdie Mar 13 '12 at 13:47

this should solve it. Btw this will delete all direct chilren with name "item" that have value 458.

delete xml.(item == "458");

To delete recursively all children and subchildren that have name "item" and value 458 use:

delete xml..(item == "458");
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