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Problem I have two entities (Column and Table). A Column has a List for storing joinpath to this column and so I need very important the order of the tables.

Here are the entity definitions.

public class Column extends PersistenceEntity<Column> implements Serializable, Comparable<Column> {

@JoinTable(name = "column_joinpath",
joinColumns = {
    @JoinColumn(name = "column_id", referencedColumnName = "id")},
inverseJoinColumns = {
    @JoinColumn(name = "table_id", referencedColumnName = "id")})
private List<Table> joinPath;

* Default constructor
public Column() {

The Table-entity has no reference to column, because the table shouldn't know in which joinPath it is used.

Create SQL-Statement

for Table

create table Table_ (
    id varchar(36) not null,
    displayName varchar(255),
    primary key (id)

for Column

create table Column_ (
    id varchar(36) not null,
    primary key (id)

for JoinTable

create table column_joinpath (
 column_id varchar(36) not null, -- with FK
 table_id varchar(36) not null, -- with FK
 order_index integer not null,  
 primary key (column_id, table_id, order_index)

PROBLEM: Hibernate will ignore the @OrderColumn at follow JPQL

Select t.displayName from Column c join c.joinPath t where c = :col

Hibernate will produce the following SQL without an order by statements

    /* Select
    Column c 
    c.joinPath t 
    c = :col */ select
        table2_.displayName as col_0_0_ 
        Column_ column0_ 
    inner join
        column_joinpath joinpath1_ 
    inner join
        Table_ table2_ 

as workaround I use a native sql query

Select t.displayName from Column_ c inner join column_joinpath joinpath on inner join Table_ t on where order by joinpath.order_index

Is there anybody how can translate from SQL to JPQL or have an idea?

Thanks in advance.


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hibernate uses the order_index client side to populate the List but does not specify an order by. you could load the Column entity eager fetching the JoinPath and get the displayname from the JoinPath collection.

jpql: "from Column c Join fetch c.JoinPath"

for (Table t : column.getJoinPath())
    // do something with t.getDisplayName();
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