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I'm trying to call a webservice using JAXB SAAJ. I use wsdl2java to create web service objetcs. Now i would like to pass one of this object in soap call. How can I do this? I want to pass my custom object in soap body element , how to do it?

My code:

SOAPBody soapbody = soapmessage.getSOAPBody();
SOAPBodyElement element = soapbody.addBodyElement(soapbodyName);
element.addChildElement(myCustomObject); <-- it gives error here that I can not pass my object here.
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You need to marshal it to the SOAPBody using a JAXBElement and the ObjectFactory generated by wsdl2java:

JAXBElement<MyCustomObject> myCustomObjectElement = 
    new ObjectFactory().createMyCustomObject(myCustomObject);
jaxbContext.createMarshaller().marshal(myCustomObjectElement, soapbody);
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