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I am using try..catch for error handling. I am getting the message displayed as

messagebox.show (ex.tostring) 

But it gives very long message.
Is it possible just to get only the actual error or I could give my own modified message, based on what ex contains?


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Use Exception.Message property.

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You can print the content of the Message property. Usually it's a short descriptive message without the full - technical - details of the stack.

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Exception.Message contains a simple description of the exception (e.g. "Object reference not set...").

Exception.ToString() contains a description of the exception along with a complete stack trace.

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The Message property returns only the message(which explains the reason for the exception).

Dim message As String = "Message: " & ex.Message

However, if you only want the name of the Exception's Type:

 Dim typeName = ex.GetType().Name
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If you want less text in message then try to change

Exception.ToString to Exception.Message

as Massimiliano Peluso said, and if you want to customize then I hope this will give you some idea.


'Your Codes...

Catch oledbEx As OleDbException

MessageBox.Show("Your message")

Catch ex As Exception

MessageBox.Show("Your message")

Catch ioEX As IOException

MessageBox.Show("Your message")

Catch dataEX As DataException

MessageBox.Show("Your message")

End Try
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