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I registered a domain www.xyz.com I hosted my files at xxx.hosting.com Now i made a redirect at www.xyz.com pointing to xxx.hosting.com


Now when i load xyz.com the hosted index.php is loaded.

When i click on page2.php the page gets loaded but the url www.xyz.com remians same.

But it should be like xyz.com/page2.php. How to do it? Any idea?

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Can't you register a DNS CNAME entry that redirects www.xyz.com to xxx.hosting.com? Of course xxx.hosting.com would have to accept different host headers, but I assume the xxx subdomain is your own, so it should work.

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This is a settins issue in your "Redirect" control panel. You are making it load xxx.hosting.com to load in an frame. please contact your hosting support (where u registered www.xyz.com) if you are not sure about the settings.

Note : Voted to close as it belongs to serverfault.

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