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I have a service in my application which return a list of tracks, here is the code for that

List<Track> getTrackListTracks(String listName, int max) {
    def tracks = getTrackListTracks(listName)
    if(tracks?.size() > max) {
        tracks = tracks[0 ..< max]
    return tracks

List<Track> getTrackListTracks(String listName) {
    def tl = TrackList.findByName(listName)
    if(tl?.tracks) {
        return tl?.tracks?.collect { Track.read(it.trackId) }

i have to write the unit test for this but I am not able to write. Can anyone help me in this. Thanks Already

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Explain "not able to write" –  Pangea Mar 13 '12 at 12:28
def 'test getTrackListTracks method with two parameter returns correct value'() { expect: trackListService.getTrackListTracks(listName, max) == tracks where: listName | max | tracks 'homepage-tracks' | 5 | ['com.supajam.domain.Track' : '2328', 'com.supajam.domain.Track' : '2323', 'com.supajam.domain.Track' : '799', 'com.supajam.domain.Track' : '1281', 'com.supajam.domain.Track' : '1490'] } I have written this code but it is not working as the service is returning a list of tracks, so not able compare them –  vivek Mar 13 '12 at 12:35
@vivek please put the test code into your question. It is very unreadable in comment. –  amorfis May 31 '12 at 20:03

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Hopefully you've progressed beyond this, but for those coming after, the grails-spock-examples project @ google code (https://github.com/pschneider-manzell/grails-spock-examples) has a wide range of examples.

More specifically, for a service (as you've asked), check out Testing Services.

Caution, though - there are a few differences between that and what is required for Grails 2. For example, if testing controllers, 'redirectArgs' is no longer valid. Make sure to also consult the Grails Documentation for differences.

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