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I have a couple of Jlist within jscrollpanes in a gridbaglayout. The amount of entries in 1 Jlist is more than fits in the visible area of the Jlist. But the jscrollpane does not provide scrolling functionality.

I used to have the all of the jscrollpanes enclosed in a jpanel, at that time scrollpane provided the correct scrolling functionality.

I have the preferredsize of the Jlist set to [0,0]. The layout of the Jlist is correct. I can set the preferredsize of the JList to an explicit value of for example [80,300]. This causes JList to be scrollable partially. The real size of the JLIst, if it would be visible completely, is much longer.

Somehow I guess the gridbaglayout is resizing my Jlist in a way that the Jlist is not able to provide the correct size it has to the scrollpane.

How do I make the gridbaglayout and Jlist within jscrollpanes work together?

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Don't set preferred sizes of JScrollPane's content. Set preferred size for the JScrollPanes instead.

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Setting the preferred sizes of the Jlist to "null" fixed the problem. I also set the preferred sizes of the Jscrollpane's to "null". – WillamS Mar 13 '12 at 13:28
don't use setXXSize (with a not-null dimension), ever. As you experienced, @WillamS , removing the interference with the component's internal bookkeeping (by nulling it) removed the problem :-) – kleopatra Mar 1 '13 at 11:32

Thx. I had same problem and preferred sizes (reset to [0,0]) fixed this up.

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you mean new Dimension(0, 0)? That sounds strange ... because setting any not-null value will short-circuit the default calculations (which is a bad thing!) – kleopatra Mar 1 '13 at 11:38

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