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I am new to submitting apps to the Apple app store. I have a project with two targets in which are to be two separate apps when built. But what do I actually submit? Do I submit the project or do I submit each target as a new app? If it is the project I have to submit does when releasing the apps will each target get release or what? If you don't understand my question please ask.

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You'll have to 'archive' and submit each target separately. Before you can do that you'll have to create App ID's and enter some meta data, icons, screenshots etc. in iTunes connect. –  rokjarc Mar 13 '12 at 12:39

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You submit each target separately as two separate apps for the App Store.

In Xcode you do this using the menu Product -> Archive (which will create an archive for your currently active target). In the window you are presented with after the Archive is completed, you select your latest archive and click 'Submit...'

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