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I fell into a project where my task was develop some widgets in Sitefinity 4.4. I've found a lot of documentation on how to create the widgets using the Site Manager and all that has gone really well.

Now, I have the widgets set up in a test environment and working well with some test pages. I'm trying to figure out how to deploy the widgets to the production server without re-doing all the work there. I just want to move the widgets over - I don't need or want the pages. I have gone through a lot of the Telerik documentation, but have been unable to find anything about deploying like this. Has anyone done this before?


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did you develop these widgets as compiled controls (dll) or simple user controls (.ascx)?

The process is mostly the same for either. the dll goes in the bin folder whereas a user control gets uploaded to the website folder somewhere. then you simply register the widget in the toolbox.

here is the documentation for how this is done:

The only difference for a compiled dll widget is to use the fully qualified name for the ControlType instead of the path to the user control.

After registering the widget it should be available to drop onto any page.

Hope this is helpful!

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