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I need to draw a paramaterised crescent using graphics primitives. I've looked at the answers to this question but I'm hoping my problem with tighter constraints is solvable.

There are 2 intersecting ellipses with their centres on the X axis: enter image description here

with the constraints:

  1. A, B, C, D and L are known
  2. The elllipses do intersect: A/2 + C/2 > L
  3. The axes A and C are on the X axis
  4. The axes B and D are parallel to the Y axis

Is there a direct, non-iterative solution to find X,Y?

I realise this is more Math than programming, but I'm looking for code (C, C#, VB, ...) not algebra, and I feel there's a wider audience here.


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Yes, there is. Form the equations of the two ellipses in the usual form, equate the two expressions that are both equal to 1, manipulate to get y^2 in terms of x, substitute that back into the expression of one of the ellipses to get a quadratic in x, solve. But none of this is programming. – AakashM Mar 13 '12 at 14:08
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Looks like it indeed cannot be done

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