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1) I have a folder called CCBuilds containing couple of files in this path -> E:\Testing\Builds\CCBuilds.

2) I have written C# code (Process.Start) to Rar this folder and save it in E:\Testing\Builds\CCBuilds.rar using the following command

"C:\program files\winrar\rar.exe a E:\Testing\Builds\CCBuilds.rar E:\Testing\Builds\CCBuilds"

3) The problem is that, though the rar file gets created properly, when I unrar the file to CCBuilds2 folder (both through code using "rar.exe x" command or using Extract in context menu), the unrared folder contains the full path: ie: Extracting E:\Testing\Builds\CCBuilds.rar -> E:\Testing\Builds\CCBuilds2\Testing\Builds\CCBuilds\<>

Whereas I want it to be something like this: E:\Testing\Builds\CCBuilds2\CCBuilds\<>

How can I avoid this full path persistence while adding to rar / extracting back from it. Any help is appreciated.

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Use the -ep1 switch.

More info:

-ep = Files are added to an archive without including the path information. Could result in multiple files existing in the archive with same name.

-ep1 = Do not store the path entered at the command line in archive. Exclude base folder from names.

-ep2 = Expand paths to full. Store full file paths (except drive letter and leading backslash) when archiving.


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Just in case this helps: I am currently working on an MS Access Database project (customer relations management for a small company), and one of the tasks there is to zip docx-files to be sent to customers, with a certain password encryption used.

In the VBA procedure that triggers the zip-packaging of the docx-files, I call WinRAR as follows:

c:\Programme\WinRAR\winrar.exe a -afzip -ep -pThisIsThePassword "OutputFullName" "InputFullName" 

-afzip says: "Create a zip file (as opposed to a rar file)

-ep says: Do not include the paths of the source file, i.e. put the file directly into the zip folder

A full list of such switches is available in the WinRAR Help, section "Command line".

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