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hello,I have dwelled on this hadoop(cdhu3) problem for 2 days,I have tried every google method.This is the issue: when ran hadoop example "wordcount" ,the tasktracker's log in one slave node presented such errors

1.WARN org.apache.hadoop.mapred.DefaultTaskController: Task wrapper stderr: bash: /var/tmp/mapred/local/ttprivate/taskTracker/hdfs/jobcache/job_201203131751_0003/attempt_201203131751_0003_m_000006_0/taskjvm.sh: Permission denied

2.WARN org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskRunner: attempt_201203131751_0003_m_000006_0 : Child Error java.io.IOException: Task process exit with nonzero status of 126.

3.WARN org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskLog: Failed to retrieve stdout log for task: attempt_201203131751_0003_m_000003_0 java.io.FileNotFoundException: /usr/lib/hadoop-0.20/logs/userlogs/job_201203131751_0003/attempt_201203131751_0003_m_000003_0/log.index (No such file or directory)

I could not find similar issues in google,just got some posts seem a little relevant ,which suggest: A. the ulimit of hadoop user----but my ulimit is set large enough for this bundled example;B. the memory used by jvm,but my jvm only use Xmx200m,too small to exceed the limit of my machine ;C.the privilege of the mapred.local.dir and logs dir----I set them by "chmod 777";D .the disk space is full----there are enough space for hadoop in my log directory and mapred.local.dir.

Thanks for you all,I am really at my wit's end,I have spend days on it. I really appreciate any light!

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hello,can any one help –  basketballnewbie Mar 14 '12 at 3:07

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For me this happended because hadoop wasn't able to create a MapReduce Job logs on hadoop/logs/userlogs/JobID/attemptID

ulimit is of course one of the highest possibility.

but for me it was because the disk we were using was full somehow and creating the log files failed

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