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I am writing a Location-based application for iPhone. The application is a background running app, so I register it for background updates. When application enters background I am calling:

    - (void) enteredBackground: (NSNotification*) notification {
    [self.locationManager stopUpdatingLocation];
    NSLog(@"LocationManager => stopUpdatingLocation called"); 

    [self.locationManager startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges];
    NSLog(@"LocationManager => startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges called"); 

In the AppDelegate I am calling:

- (void)applicationDidEnterBackground:(UIApplication *)application {
    [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName: @"didEnterBackground" object: nil  userInfo: nil];

    UIApplication *app = [UIApplication sharedApplication];

    if ([app respondsToSelector:@selector(beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler:)]) {

          bgTask = [app beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler:^{

            dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
                if (bgTask != UIBackgroundTaskInvalid)
                    [app endBackgroundTask:bgTask];
                    bgTask = UIBackgroundTaskInvalid;

When the application is killed by the FastAppSwitcher the notification is fired and the following method will be called:

-(void) exitApplicationFromBackground:(NSNotification *)notification{
    NSLog(@"exitApplicationFromBackground called");
    [self.locationManager stopMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges];
    NSLog(@"LocationManager => stopMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges called");     
    NSLog(@"LocationManager stopped, Application will terminate...");

I tested this a lot of times. Everytime all NSLog's are written to the console or when testing on the iPhone to the Logfile. But not everytime the grey location arrow disappears from the statusbar, especially when running the application on the iPhone.

How could that be? Thanks for your answers!!

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One thing to be aware of, Apple has since started cracking down on use of the exit(0); calls. From experience, they will reject your app if you exit from the foreground. As you are using from background, not sure. Just something to think about. –  Bill Burgess Mar 13 '12 at 14:19
Ok, it was just to make sure the app will terminate, but as I just tested it isnt necessary, so I think I wont use it. Thank you! –  android Mar 13 '12 at 14:25

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