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I´m doing the Walkthrough: Mapping Inheritance - Table-per-Hierarchy (Entity Data Model Tools).

This is the model:

Entities Data Model

The entities Instructor and Student are derived types with the BaseType Person.

The problem is: How can I query the Instructor and Student entities directly in LINQ if they are not visible in ObjectContext?

I was expecting to do somenthig like this:

var result = from student in ctx.Students select student;

The derived entities seems to exist only as entities (EntityObject) and not as ObjectSet.


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You should have a People property on the ObjectContext class that is generated for you. From there, you can get all the base types:

var allPeople = ctx.People;

Or, if you want a specific derived type, you can use the OfType extension method on IQueryable<T>, like so:

var students = allPeople.OfType<Student>();
var instructors = allPeople.OfType<Instructor>();
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that´s it. Thanks! – outlookrperson Mar 13 '12 at 17:27

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