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I have a REST service created using ServiceStack that I'm consuming from jQuery running in a mobile browser. Everything works fine until I attempt to implement caching within the service using the MemoryCacheClient. As soon as I insert the code to cache the results I don't get any response returned to the browser. When I look at the request\response in Fiddler I get the following error:

Response is encoded and may need to be decoded before inspection. Click here to transform.

If I just access the service directly from the browser it works fine, it only seems to be an issue when accessed through .ajax method in jQuery.

Here's the service code

public override object OnGet(Products request)
            string cacheKey =
                UrnId.Create<ProductsService>("productCategoryType", request.ProductCategoryType.ToString());

            return base.RequestContext.ToOptimizedResultUsingCache(this.CacheClient, cacheKey, () =>
                //var service = this.ResolveService<ProductsService>();
                ProductsResponse response = new ProductsResponse();
                response.Products = GetLoanTypes(request.ProductCategoryType);
                return response;

And then the Ajax

    var serviceUrl = "";
    var products = new Object();
    products.ProductCategoryType = id;
        type: "GET",
        contentType: "application/json",
        url: serviceUrl,
        data: products,
        dataType: "jsonp",
        success: function (data, textStatus) {
            if (textStatus == "success") {
                productData[id] = data;
                displayProducts(data, id);
        error: function (xhr, err) {

As soon as I comment out the caching in the service and just always return the raw results everything works fine.

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