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It is now 6 months that I use the module pyGTrends to download data about search queries.

From a couple of days, it appears that the pyGTrends module does not work anymore, in detail the error produced is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 41, in <module>
    print queryReport.csv()[:100]
  File "/----/----/Desktop/pangea/queries_v1/", line 107, in csv
    raise Exception("Could not find requested section")
Exception: Could not find requested section

Adding some "print" command in the module when I print "self.raw_data" I obtain

??You must be signed in to export data from Google Trends.

I made some checks, for instance Google does not have changed the syntax of the URL to get the csv since if I manually insert in the browser the output of the line

self.raw_data ='' + params).read()

(once manually performed the login in Google Trends) I can regularly access the csv.

1-Are there other users who can confirm similar problems in the usage of pyGTrends?

2-I was wondering if the problem can be linked to the login procedure which perhaps has been changed by google (it is only a hypothesis, I do not have any information about this). In that case, which changes should be done in the code of pyGTrends?

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Google had changed its authentication url. I pushed a fix to the github repository:

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I'm not sure how old is that fix, but it is not working. I figure out that there is a problem with the pattern matching the GALX cookie. The pattern should be changed in

galx = re.compile('<input type="hidden"(.*?)name="GALX"(.*?)value="(?P<galx> ... ', re.DOTALL)

However, this doesn't seem to solve my problems as I still get the error that the requested section cannot be found.

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A more recent version (9 months old), appears to be at:

I have not tested it. SirC, if you have found a different solution, perhaps you could comment on it?

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