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I've just installed WAMP and MediaWiki on a different box (a local machine on my network) however I want to view MediaWiki through my local machine and then add articles, etc. I installed MediaWiki on the remote box and configured it, I then returned to my local machine, typed in the IP address of the MediaWiki on the remote box (hsomething like and noticed that when changing preferences and saving the URL uses localhost and not the IP address (basically after I have posted via a Form Submit). Is this a setting I can change in WAMP or is it a setting I'll have to change in MediaWiki?

You may have noticed I'm a bit of newbi to this kind of thing.

Many thanks

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sounds like it's probably in this 'mediawiki' somewhere. I'd look for an ini or cfg file. –  user980058 Mar 13 '12 at 14:34

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There is a configuration file named localsettings.php in wamp/www/wiki

Open it with notepad and carefully remove the following:

$wgServer           = ""

(where is the host name you used)

Stop and start WAMP and it should work

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Panic over, in the LocalSettings file for mediaWiki you can set the following $wgServer to your IP address.

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