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Trim spaces from start and end of string

I would like to find a way to achieve the following results:

"I am\n a string \n\n  \n \n".replace(/\n{1,}$/g,""); // "I am\n a string"

What is the best way?

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"I am\n a string \n\n  \n \n".replace(/\s+$/,""); // "I am\n a string"

should do the job.

\s is a whitespace character including Space, Tab, Newlines

+ is the same quantifier as {1,}

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The \s character class includes tab, line feed, form feed, carriage return, and space. –  Borodin Mar 13 '12 at 16:03

try using this

   "I am a string \n\n  \n \n".replace(/\s+$/g, "")
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