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I have this code I have to add 'please select..' in the dropdown list box.

<%=Html.DropDownList("defaultSelection", new SelectList(Model.VariableDefaultSelections.ToList(), "ba_Object_id", "ba_Object_id", ViewData["DefaultSelectId"]))%>

Can any body help me out .


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There's an overload of the DropDownList helper which allows you to achieve that:

<%= Html.DropDownList(
    new SelectList(
    "-- Please Select --"
) %>
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You could always add the option in list with the disabled option so the user cannot select it once the drop down is clicked.

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You will have to add it in your SelectList, maybe with an Id of -1? The only way I know of is to add it as an option. If you are using HTML5, then I think you might be able to add a meta tag, but that might just be for input types. I will double check...

UPDATE It looks like there is nothing like placeholder (HTML5 input option) for select. However, it looks like the best you have has already been answered here: <select> placeholder

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