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Some days I go while i was learning about mercurial and TortoiseHG i made a mistake and now i have problems to save my credentials, I tried change the next files with no good results: -C:\Users\userA\mercurial.ini



  • %myrepo%.hg\hgrc

    [ui] username=myuse@company.cl password=xxxxxx

Thank you for your help!!

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  • ui section on global ini-file (mercurial.ini) is only your signature in commits, if not redefined later
  • auth section define authorization-data on some resource only
  • ui in hgrc redifine on per-repo basis data from p.1

ui-data in your case is bad - you have to use username key with value Fname LName <e-mail>, i.e

username = Firstname Lastname <firstname.lastname@example.net>

and forget about any password here

auth-section is also far from perfect

  • you redefine kiln.username instead of extending
  • no password (?)
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