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I am trying to access userdata I have sent from the server (using coldfusion) to filter the display of edit or add icons depending on users's role. Example of userdata value is "all" or "add" or "edit" or "view".

From firebug an example of userdata looks like

The jsonreader looks like this

jsonReader: {
    root: "ROWS", //our data
                page: "PAGE", //current page
                total: "TOTAL", //total pages
                records:"RECORDS", //total records
    userdata: "USERDATA", 
                cell: "", //Not Used
    ar_bill_key: "0",//Will default to first column

I am trying to find the userdata so I can figure out how to use it. The code below returns undefined in firebug. I'm new to this so it's not set up correctly. Any advice would be appreciated. I have looked at and tried many examples but it's not working yet




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You have some errors. The first one is: the name of parameter is 'userData' and not 'userdata'. So to get the value send from the server you should use

var myData = $("#List").jqGrid('getGridParam', "userData");

The next error: the loadComplete is a callback function so the code


is wrong.

The last error is: the value of userdata which will be sent from the server have to be object. So you should place something like


instead or


If you use

jsonReader: {
    userdata: "USERDATA",

then you can display the value from loadComplete like the following:

loadComplete: function () {
    var myData = $(this).jqGrid('getGridParam', "userData");
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Thanks very much! –  Sue Mar 16 '12 at 19:26
@Sue: You are welcome! –  Oleg Mar 16 '12 at 19:40

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