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Here's a beginner rails question...

After I do:

format.xml { head: ok}

How do I return from the controller endpoint without showing the view? If I drop off the end of the function at this point, I get what I expect, but if I call 'return', I end up in the view (or in my case in a missing view template). I can code up lots of if/else etc., but it would be nice to early out from the function without ending up in a view template.

I've searched around and can't figure out what the obvious answer is to this; it must be straightforward...

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You can use "render :nothing => true, :status => :ok" to return without rendering anything, once you have send a render :nothing => true you need to return from the controller, something like this might work. You can swap the head() method call for a render => :nothing followed by a return, the head() method is documented here:

Here's the code that should do it for you...

Ping me if that doesn't properly answer your question, documentation for the render call with some helpful user comments can be found here:

(sorry I couldn't hyperlink the links for you, as a new user stackoverflow won't allow me to post more than one!)

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render :nothing => true, :status => :ok

in your action method

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I guess you must be asking for :

render :nothing => true
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