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I have an xml document that holds the navigation structure for an swf file. I need to have one of the URL's open in a new tab. All of the urls are held in the xml file, the swf file references everything from the xml.

The link that I want to open in a new tab is the last one, "www.iwantthisinanewtab.com"

        <submenuitemS active="true">
            <!--New SubMenu Item-->

            <!--New SubMenu Item-->
                <submenuitemID>FLOWERS & GIFTS</submenuitemID>
                <submenuitemPageTitle>Flowers & Gifts</submenuitemPageTitle>

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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in AS use navigateToURL and its target parameter to set the URL target: http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Using_navigateToURL_to_open_a_new_window__send_e_m-18770.html

for instance:

navigateToURL (new URLRequest ("mailto: blog@activetofocus.com"), "_blank");

In modern browsers it will open in a new tab.

I hope it helps, Rob

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