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I'm running a RAils 3.1,ruby 1.9.2 app and I've a issue with CSV;I must import data from csv file; this is my code:

def bulk_operations
      require 'csv'
    last_asset = ""
    last_serial = ""
    if request.path.include? "ingress_transport_document"
        transport_document_id = params[:ingress_transport_document_id]
        td = IngressTransportDocument.find(transport_document_id)
        ingress = true;
    elsif request.path.include? "egress_transport_document"
        transport_document_id = params[:egress_transport_document_id]
        td = EgressTransportDocument.find(transport_document_id)
    if params[:dump_me]

        #   @parsed_file=CSV::Reader.parse(params[:dump_me][:file],';',"\n")

            CSV.foreach(params[:dump_me][:file])  do |row|

                bw.serial = row[0]
                bw.asset = row[1]
                logger.debug "#{bw.serial},#{bw.asset} --> #{bw.serial.strip}"
                # Cerco la presenza di warehouse se la bolla e di tipo aggiornamento
                if !bw.serial.strip.empty? && !bw.asset.strip.empty? && update_warehouse
                    warehouse = Warehouse.find_by_serial_and_asset(bw.serial.strip,bw.asset.strip)
                elsif !bw.serial.strip.empty? && update_warehouse
                    warehouse = Warehouse.find_by_serial(bw.serial.strip)
                elsif !bw.asset.strip.empty? && update_warehouse
                    warehouse = Warehouse.find_by_asset(bw.asset.strip)
                if warehouse && update_warehouse
                    bw.warehouse_id =
                elsif update_warehouse
                    @wh_errors[:"bulk_warehouse#{n}"] = "Prodotto non presente"
                if request.path.include? "ingress_transport_document"
                    bw.ingress_transport_document_id = transport_document_id
                elsif request.path.include? "egress_transport_document"
                    bw.egress_transport_document_id = transport_document_id
                    GC.start if n%50==0
                last_serial = row[0]
                last_asset = row[1]
            count = sa_query
            flash[:notice]="Il CSV e stato importato con successo:  #{n} nuovi record sono stati accodati per essere processati.<br>In totale hai #{count} record in attesa di essere processati."
        #rescue CSV::IllegalFormatError
            logger.debug("CSV Exception: IllegalFormatError")
            count = sa_query
            flash[:notice] = "Il CSV NON sembra essere formattato correttamente."
            flash[:notice] += "L'ultimo ASSET inserito e stato #{last_asset}." if !last_asset.empty?
            flash[:notice] += "L'ultimo SERIALE inserito e stato #{last_serial}." if !last_serial.empty?
            flash[:notice] += "#{n} nuovi record sono stati accodati per essere processati."
            flash[:notice] += "In totale hai #{count} record in attesa di essere processati."

      # update_warehouse e true solo se la bolla e di tipo da aggiornamento
            update_warehouse =  td.transport_document_type.code == "AGE" ||
                                td.transport_document_type.code == "REP" ||
                                td.transport_document_type.code == "ASS" 
    if params[:ingress_transport_document_id] || params[:egress_transport_document_id]
        render :index
        redirect_to :action => "index"

and Rails give me the following errors: can't convert ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile into String

Any suggestion

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In Ruby 1.9 it's just CSV.parse. See:

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I've updated my answer; I've used CSV.foreach since I must read from a file and not from a string, but I've another error :( – Marco Mar 13 '12 at 17:26
@Marco Try[:dump_me][:file]).each – Austin Taylor Mar 13 '12 at 18:47
Thank you very much Austin it works! I've used: params[:dump_me][:file].tempfile, :headers => true, :col_sep=> "," ).each do |row| – Marco Mar 13 '12 at 20:27

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