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I have a web app where if a user clicks on a link it should open up a map. The best solution that I can think of is to open up a new tab/window to google maps using the target="_blank" attribute.

But I think that it would be best to open up the device's map app instead of google map.

I know that you can have the user's phone app to pop when the user clicks on a phone number with the href attribute pointing to tel:<the phone number>. I am wondering if this is also possible with the map app.

Is there a way to allow an anchor tag to open the mobile device's map app when the user clicks it?

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possible duplicate question:… or if not then some useful information – Philip Bevan May 14 '12 at 14:27
Are there any better answers to this question now that it's 2016? Please let me know if things have changed since 2012. – 4castle Feb 16 at 14:47
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You can use the GEO URI Scheme "geo:latitude,longitude" specified by RFC 5870 in a link such as

<a href="geo:124.028582,-29.201930" target="_blank">Click here for map</a>

There's also the comgooglemaps:, which launches the Google Maps app for iOS, for example:



  • center: This is the map viewport center point. Formatted as a comma separated string of latitude,longitude.
  • mapmode: Sets the kind of map shown. Can be set to: standard or streetview. If not specified, the current application settings will be used.
  • views: Turns specific views on/off. Can be set to: satellite, traffic, or transit. Multiple values can be set using a comma-separator. If the parameter is specified with no value, then it will clear all views.
  • zoom: Specifies the zoom level of the map.

And as techtheatre said, you can use a regular Apple Maps link to trigger Apple Maps:


Leaving off the protocol will automatically select the correct one to use, so if you wanted to have a dynamic link you could just create some conditional code that changes the link between and depending on which system you're on.

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This url structure is unsupported on Apple devices (at least on iOS 5.0.1), unfortunately. I think the solution will require detecting the user agent and providing an appropriate link per device. – Gareth Saul Oct 25 '12 at 10:08
I can't get either of these to work now. Guess they're no longer supported in 2014. – Primus202 Sep 17 '14 at 22:13 that Apple has their own map application, they no longer catch Google maps links and route them into the mapping application (by default...though this can be changed on the device). As such, you now must do some sniffing to determine if the device is Android or Apple. If you use the correct link for the correct mobile OS, the device will catch the intent and instead of using the browser, will go into the mapping app.

If Android, link like this:,+TX

If Apple, link like this:,+TX

This is certainly a pain, and hopefully the W3c will eventually standardize a map trigger (like tel: for phone numbers). Good luck!

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Great response! Works well for me. – Rich Jun 2 '14 at 0:44

Yep, tags like data-type etc. did not work for me as well. I used direct link from Google (you can choose "share point" and it will give direct html which will point to the location).

It will open google maps in browser.

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