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There is one use case I am unable to solve so far with the Apache Jakarta (Tomcat) Connector load balancing feature.

I have one IIS site which has one Apache Tomcat Connector attached to it. I need to "forward" the traffic to a different Tomcat depending on the URI that is requested. It is pretty simple to do when you only have apps with a specific context (like /app1, /app2, etc). My problem is that I have one app (in one Tomcat) that is at / (ROOT) and one other app (in another Tomcat) that is at /app1.

I have tried the following config in uriworkermap.properties:


But this doesn't work, because "loadBalancer1" takes all the traffic. "loadBalancer2" is being ignored, which make sense, since /app1/* matches /* (regexp wise).

I also tried adding a exclusion as so:


But that doesn't work either, because "loadBalancer1" is still taking all the traffic, but just ignoring that "/app1/*" URI pattern. "loadBalancer2" is simply ignored again.

Any suggestion, keeping in mind that I cannot have 2 IIS sites, nor can I move the app that is at / (ROOT) to a different context path in Tomcat?

Thank you

Edit: Instead of using just one Apache Tomcat Connector, I use 1 connector for each Tomcat on the same IIS site.

uriworkermap.properties #1: for Tomcat with app at / (ROOT)


uriworkermap.proerties #2: for Tomcat with app at /app1


Connector #1 will ignore traffic on URI "/app1/*", but connector #2 will catch it (and vice versa).

Now I can set different VM options and memory allocation to my apps!

I am open to comments or better solution..

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Does it work when you reverse it as such ?

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Nope, doesn't work. I tried it. Seems that the regexp (if this is what they use) has priority over the ordering of elements in the config file. That said, a coworker probably found the solution. I will post it as soon as I can. –  1lln3ss Mar 13 '12 at 21:10

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