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I am trying to use BulkLoader (https://github.com/arthur-debert/BulkLoader) to preload all assets of my AS3/Flex application. Right now it is working and I am able to access the contents everywhere on my Main module (where my BulkLoader instance lives).

My problem: I need to handle the BulkLoader.COMPLETE event from my preloader (pre.as living next to Main.mxml on src/), to allow the user to exit the preloader and enter the application ONLY after BulkLoader.COMPLETE was fired.


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Why not pass the reference to the BulkLoader instance?

Somethinglike this:

preloader.setLoader(_bulkLoaderInstance or name)


var preloader:Preloader = new Preloder(_bulkLoaderInstance or name)

BTW, the LoaderMax from Greensock is better (fewer bugs, more reliable events, nicer API).

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