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Id like to create a xml document out of class using the xmlserializer functionallity. That works quite fine but one problem I cannot solve.

Public Class Request
End Class

I want to have the output


I managed to get the line


but thats not what I wanted.

So could anyone help me how to add this shortcut <:test in front of my XML document?

Thanks in advance radi5

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You need to add XmlSerializerNamespaces when serializing your class and add the XmlRoot serialization attribute (pitfall: the XmlType attribute will not work)

<XmlRoot(Namespace := "http://test.de")> _
Public Class Request
End Class

Dim r As New Request()
Dim s As New XmlSerializer(GetType(Request))
Dim t As New StreamWriter(filename)
Dim ns As New XmlSerializerNamespaces()

ns.Add("test", "http://test.de")

s.Serialize(t, r, ns)
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That's it. Thanks a lot. Your pitfall remark was my problem. I used XmlType and it was not working. radi5 –  user1267101 Mar 14 '12 at 6:52

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